Benchmark Automation & Controls Mission, Vales and Management

Banking Market


Due to changing consumer habits and rapidly evolving digital banking needs, everyone is looking for well connected, automatic systems to deliver clear, timely decision-making information. Our goal is to minimize and eliminate downtime or latency that can cost money, or worse, a bank’s reputation.

With the IoT, banks and other financial services companies can take advantage of building automation and controls services to get ahead of asset performance management issues and prevent downtime. Predictive maintenance can determine maintenance adjustments for better cost optimization and risk mitigation while keeping staff safe through early warnings and maintaining critical processes.




Commercial Property Market


The smart building is here. Discover the latest in building automation and management system innovation that make your buildings, regardless of size, more energy efficient, sustainable and occupant-friendly.

Building automation and control is getting easier and more powerful thanks to innovative technology that leverages the Internet of Things (IoT). By connecting devices with software and services, today’s buildings – and the people within – are able to work smarter.


Benchmark Automation & Controls Mission, Vales and Management



Benchmark Automation & Controls Mission, Vales and Management

Hotel Market


We simplify complexity for hotels with our Building Automation & Controls solution that integrates all systems, devices, software, and services for visibility and control of your entire operation.

Connected hotels improve hotel efficiency, reduce expenses, and mitigate guest complaints by integrating all building systems and ensuring proactive maintenance. Out-of-box hotel analytics help identify when equipment is running inefficiently and wasting energy, so you can reduce OpEx and extend equipment life.




K-12 Market


Technology is infiltrating K-12 classrooms at a rapid clip as educators find new ways to employ computing devices and online resources to improve education and learning. Overall, the global market for education-related technology, services and content is expected to grow from $193 billion in 2016 to $586 billion in 2021, a compound annual growth rate of nearly 25%, according to the market research firm Research and Markets.

We all want the best possible education for our children and Benchmark Automation & Controls is playing an ever-increasing role in delivering on that goal.


Benchmark Automation & Controls Mission, Vales and Management

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